Tle cultural project

Symbol of a strong history, with its picturesque settings, the Blast Furncae U4 is a source of creation and inspiration. Known as an access to street art and circus performances, the U4 cultural project is continuously growing and expanding by meetings between heritage and art, between the artists and the public, between culture and territory.

Complementing the existing cultural structures in the valley, the U4's goal is first to enable the artists and the companies to produce shows, and then to to draw new perspectives on this place and this territory, and finally to reinvent universes allow the meeting between new artistic forms, visitors and inhabitants.

The artistic program highlights the diversity, plurality and abundance that live performance can offer, a veritable breeding ground for discoveries. It is also based on a specificity of the site and its scientific culture with the science route, the science village and the transformation gardens. In addition, through its large spaces and the raw and atypical appearance of the place, the U4 and its wilderness are resolutely turned towards the visual arts, allowing the hosting of exhibitions but also filming and shots.

With the need for structuring the cultural project, the artistic project of the place keeps developing around three major axes, closely linked and mutually enriching: creation, awareness and diffusion.

In a roundabout, poetic, sometimes burlesque, often funny but nonetheless human and committed way, the U4 Blast Furnace Park wishes to share with you warm and friendly moments on this exceptional site.

Picture: CAVF